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What is Job Tracker and what can it do for you?

Job Tracker is a straight forward, easy to use, centralised job management system with profit analysis capabilities.

Job Tracker

  • Analysis & Decision Making
  • With a detailed profit and loss section, which shows clearly whether a job has made a profit, all relevant facts are fed in through different roles and can be seen at a glance. This is critical for steering a business in the right direction, by identifying poor performance employees or errors in material costing and more importantly, when certain customers or products are not profitable.

  • Finance Integration
  • The Job Tracker system integrates with Sage and Excel, adding increased flexibility which means that the re-keying of information is a thing of the past.

  • Historical Job Information
  • All historical jobs are stored, meaning you can retrieve all the above information, going as far back as you want. The oldest Job Tracker customer has 6 years of data and the system is showing no signs of slowing down! Quick access to the key important facts, allows a business to respond very quickly to their customer requirements and make effective profitable decisions.

  • Customer & Supplier Information
  • Storage of all contact details both current and historical, all phone numbers are integrated with your phone system, to allow auto dial facilities.

  • One Location For All Information
  • Job Tracker allows all information relating to jobs and enquiries, to be accessed by all members and multiple members of staff reducing the need for storing anything outside of the system. (ie, brown paper files!!)

  • Detailed Job Information
  • Job Tracker has an indepth job information system, which means every detail relating to a job from the quote document, estimate items, invoices raised, purchase orders, time spent, profit or loss and related drawings, for example, can all be retrieved with just 3 clicks of your mouse! (full list detailed below)

  • Enquiry Section
  • Job Tracker holds a full list of all enquiries produced by the company, containing the quotation sent to the customer, contact management history, document attachment facility and integrated scanning. Simple and detailed search facilities.

  • Job Management
  • The job management section uses information from an enquiry, the system is a lot more advanced when much more detailed information is recorded, including purchase orders, purchase invoices, sales invoice/credits and delivery notes, all the sections you need to effectively manage a job from start to finish.

Why Job Tracker and not some other piece of software?

Job tracker was designed to fit a very specific niche in the market to help SME's with very little computer knowledge or experience, move onto a computer based system. Job Tracker enables users to become a more profitable company, whilst being simple to use.

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