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Communication is the key with our customers, right from the very start we work with you to analyse the key systems within your business, liaising with you directly to identify the areas for improvement to your exact specifications.


We deliver you fast, effective and efficient solutions with continuous training and support onsite at your premises from the initial design and integration within your systems, right through to delivery and aftercare.


We really care about our customers and won't rest until your exact requirements and needs have been met, delivered, and improving the functionality of your business on a daily basis. That is our commitment at Actisoft.

At Actisoft, the client comes first, we are with you every step of the way, from design & development, all the way to delivery. Actisoft's team of creative professionals, can help your business vision come to fruition.

  • Decades of industry experience
  • Professional and timely
  • Client care approach
  • Creative and constructive

With constant communication with our clients, we really make the design, development and delivery of your application go smoothly. We are here to help you, every step of the way.

Director, Martin Cook (Actisoft)

Actisoft has a dedicated support team, who are fully capable of taking over any software built by other companies. We can then re-write and ultimately build you your perfect application.

  • Fully supportive team
  • Professional and timely
  • Honest & caring
  • Creative and constructive

No matter what your requirements, Actisoft can help you and your business.

Senior Developer, Lee Ross (Actisoft)

Actisoft has an in-house creative team who can design and build you a website, as well as provide photography to showcase your business.

  • Creative & active websites
  • Professional photographer
  • Html5 & Css3
  • SEO support

Whether your business is large or small, Actisoft can provide you with a fantastic website, that incorporates professional photography.

Photographer/Web Designer, Dean Cook (Actisoft)

Every client is unique, and their requirements equally so. Therefore pricing will differ depending on your individual needs.

  • Fair pricing
  • Professional team
  • Support & communication
  • Latest technologies

We aim to provide fair pricing that will take into account your individual needs and circumstances, as well as our software.

Finance & Operations Coordinator, Lesley Johnson (Actisoft)

Actisoft has a dedicated support team, who are available on a continuous basis or on a pay as you go basis.

  • Fully supportive team
  • Professional and timely
  • Honest & caring
  • Creative and constructive

No matter what your support needs, Actisoft can help you and your business.

Software Engineer, Sophie Jackson-Lee (Actisoft)

Please use the form below to find out why Actisoft is such a great company to work for. If you think you have a skill-set we would be interested in, then use the form below.
Or call us on 0845 038 0038

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Actisoft provides full support to existing clients, and pay as you go support to any other businesses.

You can feel peace of mind that Actisoft has secure servers and any confidential material, will stay that way.

Actisoft can custom build you the perfect software solution, that will improve any aspect of your work.

Contact us to learn how we can help you make your business more productive.